Part 2 of The Mask-Cultist Whisperer.

How to Talk to People Who've Completely Bought Into the COVID Narrative.

Idea #4: Fake Science Has Happened Before, Lots of Times, in Non-controversial, Undisputed History that Everyone Agrees Really Happened and It Killed a Lot of People.

As I write this, the weekend of May 22nd and 23rd, 2021, several states away from me, in Yuba City, California, on the campus of the Church of Glad Tidings, the Free and the Brave Conference Part 2 is happening. I’ve been streaming a lot of it this weekend. The first Free and the Brave Conference happened back in February. Considering the speed with which American freedom and the American economy is under attack, this isn’t the kind of conference you can have just once a year. Americans have to organize faster than that.

There’s a ton of incredible information being presented there. It will be available to watch for free after the conference in the “media” section of the church website at Just look for “media” in the top nav bar. With top notch speakers such as Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Henry Ealy, and Dr. Judy Mikovits, dishonesty, deception, and fake science are exposed using the words and documents of the deceivers themselves.

That’s what this part of the Mask-Cultist Whisperer series is all about: fake science.

Last week, in Part 1, I delved into the first three Mask-Cultist Whisperer ideas. Idea #4 is worthy of its own article here at The American Classroom Substack, so that means that next week, I’ll be doing a Part 3 with more ideas past #4. So, stay tuned, dear readers.

The Assumption We Are Working to Dismantle with Idea #4.

Last week, Idea #1 concerned understanding the intellectual foundations of others. “Intellectual foundation” was defined as the set of assumptions upon which the structure of a line of thinking is based. Here is an assumption that I have heard from many mask-worshippers and COVID narrative true believers:

There is no way that fake science could ever happen because society has a system of peer-review and other safeguards to prevent fake science from ever taking root in the mainstream. There might always be fringe believers with crazy ideas, but the mainstream masses couldn’t be fooled because too many scientists and doctors would speak up.

            While no line of argument is a silver bullet that will work in any situation, the one thing that has gotten me by far the most traction as a Mask-Cultist Whisperer is to avoid debating what is happening now in 2021 with the COVID narrative for a long while and instead point out that fake science HAS INDEED happened many times before with sometimes deadly results. This way, it is possible to bypass or forestall a true believer’s religious adherence to COVID dogma while discussing things that are non-controversial, that are undisputed history that everyone agrees really happened. Then, it is possible to plant a seed in the minds of others that since fake science IS possible, and HAShappened in the past, it could be happening now.

Examples of Fake Science from the Past

            One of my favorite internet memes these days is an old back-and-white picture of a nurse spraying a child around the head and shoulders with DDT while some other adults in the background look on approvingly as the child smiles. The meme-creator added these words to the picture: “Do you know why we don’t spray children with DDT anymore? Because someone questioned “settled science” Yes, there was a time when there was a slogan that went: “No flies on me, thanks to DDT.” This slogan was usually printed on pictures of cute, smiling children.

            There were also times when:

●      Smoking cigarettes supposedly didn’t cause cancer. In fact, doctors were paid to be spokespeople for how healthy they supposedly were. Nico TIme cigarettes were “the smooth taste expectant mothers crave.”

●      Asbestos supposedly didn’t cause cancer. Nowadays, one has to wear an enviro suit just to work around it.

●      Radium water was supposedly a health elixir, until people’s lower jaws transformed into giant tumors and literally fell off. (More on the radium craze below.)

●      Thalidomide in the 1950’s, rather than relieving the symptoms of morning sickness, killed and deformed babies.

●      As recently as 2004, the Vioxx cover-up sentenced tens of thousands to death by heart attack.

●      In the hunt for fame and glory, twice, in separate incidents on separate continents, two species of supposed “cavemen”, Nebraska Man and Piltdown Man were totally made up with later-debunked bone evidence, one from a pig and one from an orangutan. The fakery was discovered, but not before these fakes were in museums and science books worldwide.

Examples of People Being Lied to and Hurt by Science Experiments in the Past 

●      Many blacks who are COVID “vaccine” skeptics remember learning about the Tuskegee Experiments in which blacks were intentionally injected with syphilis without their knowledge and went about spreading it the rest of their lives.

●      In the 1950’s the CIA paid prostitutes to slip their clients LSD without their knowledge or consent to observe the effects.

The Radium Girls

The Radium Girls make a good example incident with which to go into more detail, although it would be insightful, and perhaps shocking, for readers to do their own research into any of the incidents listed above.

            In the 1920’s there was a radium craze. There was a radium dance. Radium was put in toothpaste. Radium painted watches and clocks told the time in the dark. Radium treated water was supposed to be a health elixir. Manufacturers put the word “radium” in the names of products such as butter simply to get it to sell better because radium was, for a time, a pop culture phenomenon.

The ladies who would become known in history as the Radium Girls were young, twenty-somethings working in factories in which they hand-painted clock and watch faces with radium paint. They were encouraged to put the tip of their brush in their mouths to make the tip finely pointed enough for the delicate work. Outside the factories, America was having the Roaring Twenties, complete with flappers, the Charleston, and wild nightclub life. The Radium Girls would wear their fancy dresses to work on the line in the factories so that radium dust would get on the dresses. Then, later that night, they would glamorously glow in the dark on the dance floor. Many of these ladies developed radium jaw, a condition in which their entire lower jaw transformed into a tumor, sometimes swelling to the size of a small cantaloupe, sometimes falling off entirely. These ladies died. If we dug up their graves today, in 2021, one hundred years later from the 1920’s to the 2020’s, their bones would still glow in the dark.

Meanwhile, in the factories that produced the radium paint that would be sent to the clock and watch factories, men who worked to make that paint wore lead aprons and used tongs rather than their hands to touch things when doing their work. The dangerous effects of radium were known, but were not shared with everyone.

Just as the tobacco industry would, decades later, lobby the government with their denials that cigarette smoke was unhealthy, so then did the radium industry lobby the government with denials that radium was a health hazard. One heart-breaking, old, black-and-white photo that can be found on the internet is one of government stenographers typing out the testimony of a woman dying on her couch in her home because she was too sick and frail to make it to Congress to give her testimony. Whether it was stopping putting radium in everything, labelling and recognizing cigarettes as unhealthy, recalling Vioxx, or any of the many other instances of fake science or mad science, one theme is constant and universal in each case:

In All Historical Cases of Fake Science or Mad Science, It Didn’t Stop Until There Was an Overwhelming Tsunami of Evidence That Could No Longer Be Denied.

I pray we reach that point soon with the COVID frankenshots, before anyone else dies or has permanent damage from them.

If any vaccine before 2020 had the death rate of the COVID frankenshots, it would have been recalled in a pre-COVID world.

One of the tenets of Idea #3 presented in the last article is to use CDC, WHO, or NIH date whenever possible. Well, here’ one from the CDC:

More people have died from the COVID shots in less than half of 2021 so far than died from vaccines in the past 20 years combined.

Most of what I do as a Mask-Cultist Whisperer, is based around Idea #4, educating about fake science of the past and mad science experiments of the past. It’s usually impossible to uproot deeply ingrained propaganda such as the COVID narrative in a single conversation.  However,  I have seen people who were unquestioning COVID cult zombies actually start to engage their mental processes much better if we, instead of making them feel like their COVID religion is under a direct attack, we simply plant seeds in their minds about things that they are more willing to question critically, such as “harmless” bits of non-controversial history that happened decades ago. Once they realize that fake science has happened in the past, lots of times, and it kills people, then they have a chance to question if fake science is happening now, in 2021.

Next week, Part 3, more ideas to help make you a Mask-Cultist Whisperer.

Bio: Jon Klement is currently the head instructor at, an online resource to support homeschooling families in the area of science. Jon received his B.S. in Biochemistry at the University of Missouri-Columbia and completed his teaching certificate work at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He’s been teaching/coaching for 14 years, written four young adult novels, two children’s books, and two young adult short stories. He currently lives in the St. Louis area with his wife Anita, two rabbits, and two out of four children still in the nest.