Self-Treachery and Psychological Decay.

The Fluidity of COVID Policies, and their Treasonous Nature.

Endless universities and K12 schools across American have “return to school COVID policies” in place.  Whether it be social distancing, mask wearing, jab requirements, contact tracing or forced quarantines for those who take the fraudulent PCR test and happen to test “positive.”  Regardless of the measures, many schools will inevitably close in the future, and many of them already know this.  However, it’s not for the reasons they might think.  

First, the coercive nature of these universities and K12 schools to get their students and staff to take the jabs, is a new level of psychological warfare.  It’s not an accident that the jab companies are not advertising their jabs on TV.  They can’t do so, legally.  They aren’t FDA approved.  If they were and they needed to advertise via commercials, they would have to say, and list, all of the adverse effects that were associated with their jabs.  If that actually took place, no one would dare take them.  So, these companies did the next best thing to poison as many people as they could; they used the media and all of the tools around the media, including academia, to coerce people into complying.  

For example, Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, which typically has a student population of roughly 20,000 students, has the following coercive tactics in place for those who plan on returning to campus:

COVID-19 vaccinated Miami University students eligible to win 80+ prizes

Miami University is encouraging students to get their COVID-19 vaccinations by offering more than 80 prizes.

“We are so excited to welcome our 20,000-plus students back to our nationally recognized Miami Experience this fall. We are planning for an exciting, robust, and immersive semester,” Miami President Gregory Crawford said.

“Because vaccination remains our most effective and important tool to fight the spread of COVID-19, we want students to get vaccinated and report that they received their vaccinations,” the president said.

The Oxford and Regional Campuses will each run a vaccine incentive program. All full-time students are eligible to participate if they meet all of the following requirements:

They are registered as a full-time student in the fall semester (12+ credit hours undergraduate, 9+ credit hours graduate).

They have received at least a first dose of a two-dose vaccine or have completed a single-dose vaccine.

They upload proof of their vaccination into Miami’s online medical portal.

Prizes include: bursar credit equal to one Tuition Promise semester of in-state tuition and fees (maximum value $8,352), bursar credit for a Miami meal plan for one year (maximum value $3,000), VIP box tickets for the student and nine friends to a Miami hockey game, cash prizes, laptops, and bookstore gift cards.

No taxpayer or tuition dollars are being used to fund the prizes. 

More information is available online at

Miami University also claims that there are endless benefits to taking the jabs.  They list the following on their website:

Benefits of Vaccinations.

Fully Vaccinated Individuals:

The following protocols apply to all individuals who have been fully vaccinated. A fully vaccinated individual is defined as two (2) weeks following the second injection (Pfizer or Moderna) or one (1) Johnson & Johnson injection. Guidance in this area will also be dictated by state/local health guidelines and local transmission rates and will be updated as CDC guidance changes:

Exempt from University’s surveillance testing program.

Following exposure to COVID-19, would not need to be tested unless symptomatic.

Following exposure to COVID-19, would not need to quarantine unless symptomatic.

Can interact with other fully vaccinated individuals without masking or physical distancing outdoors. Masks should be worn If unvaccinated people are present, or if you are uncertain whether all are vaccinated.

Not required to test prior to and following domestic travel.

Not required to quarantine following domestic travel.

Can visit with unvaccinated individuals from a single household, who are at low risk for severe COVID-19 disease, indoors without wearing masks or physical distancing.

To find vaccination clinics in Ohio, sign up online at

The propaganda-laden pictures that infest these university and K12 websites are also an abomination:

1.) Edgewood City Schools (K-12).  Trenton, Ohio.

2.) Miami University. Oxford, Ohio.

3.) Ohio State University.  Columbus, Ohio.

While the imagery alone is an repugnant, the videos that Ohio State University has on their website, directly pressure black Americans.  Countless mixed-race and black Americans, who are allegedly in the health-care profession and identify themselves as such, repeat one falsehood after another in this YouTube video:

Ohio State University also highlights within their “Frequently Asked Questions” section; “Are the vaccines safe?”  They answer in the following way:

“The vaccine is deemed to be safe based upon a rigorous evaluation of currently available scientific evidence. If the available scientific evidence changes or if new information becomes available, the authorization for its use can be adapted.

The Pfizer vaccine study enrolled 43,538 participants, with 42% having diverse ethnic backgrounds. No serious safety concerns were observed. The only Grade 3 (severe) adverse events greater than or equal to 2% in frequency were fatigue (3.8%) and headache (2%).

The Moderna vaccine study enrolled 30,000 participants, with 37% having diverse backgrounds. 

No serious safety concerns were observed. The majority of adverse events were mild or moderate in severity. Grade 3 (severe) events included injection site pain (2.7%), fatigue (9.7%), muscle pain or soreness (8.9%), joint pain (5.2%), headache (4.5%), pain (4.1%) and redness at the injection site (2%).

All vaccine trials have scheduled monitoring reviews, typically by an independent group known as a Data and Safety Monitoring Board, which routinely assesses safety or can be convened quickly to review any unanticipated adverse events.”

These statements by Ohio State University’s “medical professionals” are completely false.  Every single word and number, is a lie.  These jabs were never tested on humans.  In fact, they stopped the animal trials after every animal that was jabbed, and then re-exposed to an illness or other toxin, died. This is what made the jab an EUA or Emergency Use Authorization jab.  The trials were stopped, and the production and distribution processes were rushed through.  This information is not being shared with countless people, and “doctors” are blindly believing what they are told.  

Now, the psychological warfare has hit a new defensive profession; the military.  Militaries around the world have had their soldiers take the jabs.  The Australian Navy has had roughly 40% of its semen jabbed.  About 100 fully vaccinated crew-members onboard the British Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier have been infected with COVID-19 as they make their way through a 28-week global deployment tour.  Now, The United States Military is allegedly forcing the jab on all members in September of 2021, this year.   The has stated the following:

British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

The Army has directed commands to prepare to administer mandatory COVID-19 vaccines as early as Sept. 1, pending full Food and Drug Administration licensure, Army Times has learned.

The directive came from an execute order sent to the force by Department of the Army Headquarters.

Army Times obtained a portion of a recent update to HQDA EXORD 225-21, COVID-19 Steady State Operations.

“Commanders will continue COVID-19 vaccination operations and prepare for a directive to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for service members [on or around] 01 September 2021, pending full FDA licensure,” the order said. “Commands will be prepared to provide a backbrief on servicemember vaccination status and way ahead for completion once the vaccine is mandated.”

“As a matter of policy we do not comment on leaked documents. The vaccine continues to be voluntary,” said Maj. Jackie Wren, an Army spokesperson. “If we are directed by DoD to change our posture, we are prepared to do so.”

Just like the fluidity of the K12 and university COVID policies, and mandating the jabs, militaries around the world are now in the same boat.  As I stated in my last article on The American Classroom, there will be no doubt that K12 and university schools will not be able to staff their buildings appropriately, due to the incoming ill-health of those who have taken the jabs.  This also includes the students themselves. 7/19/21

If the university guidelines regarding “contact tracing,” “reporting” and “quarantining” are to be believed and followed, their own policies will be forced to shift entirely if they fail to appropriately staff their schools as a result of future mass illness.  This will mean the inevitability of a future shutdown—only this time it will be due to the jabbed becoming ill from their fellow jabbed, and exposing their own individually-compromised immune systems to the effects of the unwell and one another.

The future frame-of-mind among those who have been jabbed, may never be able to come to grips with the reality—that it is they who have been tricked.   If one becomes ill this coming Fall, the mainstream media narrative will blame the un-jabbed as being the reason for the illness.  This narrative has already begun.  The Director of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, and Joe Biden himself, have already claimed publicly that the pandemic is now a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and that it is they who are “killing people.”  These statements defy all medical and physiological logic.    

The constant tug and pull of the human mind can only handle so much.  In fact, it becomes easy to betray one’s own mind and personal responsibility, while also becoming a self-traitor to the individual act of thinking.  

“Real treason, however, can only be a self-betrayal. The problem is that of the potential traitor in all men. It is the process of justification of the fundamental dissatisfaction with oneself. People who like power politics can misuse their insight. When one's existence becomes vulnerable, one's thoughts follow suit. Thought control is the new technique of suppression of the authoritarian state.

The danger of a huge corps of civil servants is that a highly intelligent group becomes dependent on a salary. Their thinking is gullible and much too conscious of their dependence on governmental power.”  – Joost Meerloo, MD.

As Dr. Joost Meerloo stated the above, in his book Delusion and Mass Delusion, specifically regarding the treason of our own thoughts, he also stated that traitors are made when they are manipulated into believing falsehoods.  Such people cease being individual thinkers and turn on those closest to them and those they are responsible for, while ultimately betraying their own individual mind.

“Let us go back to the treacherous delusion of justification. What is this curious need to betray the father and teacher? Is it only the mental reaching beyond the own being and the own period? Or is it always mingled with hate and resentment?

In times when our soul is empty, we sell ourselves for a couple of poor ideals and we become traitors, too. Much treason and crime arise out of shame, guilt and powerless reproach for our own inadequacy. We heap coals of fire on our own head. Out of an inner shame of ourselves and others we destroy what we love and honor.

There are other forms of disloyalty, however. Deep in our soul lives that other form of self-betrayal, the regression, the tendency to revert to more primitive opinions. Regression of thinking and advancement of thinking are both considered betrayals of the conventional systems. There is high treason and cowardly treason.” (pg. 49-50)

Note: “COVID” does not stand for “Coronavirus.”  It stands for “Certificate of Vaccination Identification.”  The medically accurate name is SARS-CoV-2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2).  The word manipulation that is used to consistently normalize the saying “COVID” is a part of the ongoing psychological warfare, as are the misuses of the words “vaccine” and “pandemic.”

BIO: Sean M. Brooks, Ph.D. is the author of several books including; The Unmasking of American Schools: The Sanctioned Abuse of Americas Teachers and Students, and the host of the podcast; American Education FM.