Sexual Degeneracy in American Education.

The brief history and the current application.

It’s not an accident that the American K12 education system, and history classes at the university level, fail to discuss the Weimar Republic.  In fact, its absence in history curriculum couldn’t be a more blatant example of a purposeful distraction. While some say “history repeats itself,” I say, people simply repeat history.

Throughout the 18th and 19th century, Germany enjoyed its culture, its architecture, its music, its faith in Christianity, its literature and art, and its education system.  However, after World War I, the fall of Germany had begun.  Communist-minded workers began to rise up in several factories. The leadership of Germany was infiltrated by communists, and ultimately toppled. This new leadership began to receive influence from bankers who were interested in generating more wars, followed by the implementation of lawlessness and degeneracy to demoralize and distract the populace.  The elite installed more and more communists within their new government in high-ranking positions, which was later referred to as the Weimer Republic.

What would take place in society and on the streets, would also spill into literature, art, and education; as brainwashing the youth would only create a generationally-focused downward slide. Exposure to degenerate behavior, such as legalized prostitution, pornography, rioting, crime waves, and other cultural influences including cinema, that were 180 degrees from the previous societal environment; would ultimately set its sights on school-aged children. 

Book publishers were cut from this same degenerate cloth.  With ownership of the publishing companies, communists could easily infiltrate schools and spread their altered history and current state of societal affairs within the classrooms and within the minds of their country’s youth. 

The fall of the Weimar Republic began as a result of the Great Depression, and the fact that communism never works. Homelessness, unemployment, criminality and rioting were commonplace, even in the last days of the dying regime. This led to the rise of Adolf Hitler in 1933, in an effort to return Germany to its heritage. 

On May 10th, 1933, roughly 25,000 books were burned in Germany, many of which inhabited the primary and secondary schools, and university libraries.  Book burning was done on one day.  Just one day.  Students and citizens could burn books that they knew to be filled with degenerate and immoral content, most of which were written and published by plagiarists, communists and Marxists.  The Bible was not permitted to be burned, and it wasn’t.

By this time, the disciples of The Frankfurt School (a think-tank of Marxist ideologues and their ideologies) had made their way to the United States and infiltrated the entertainment business, academia and the publishing companies.  The communists and Marxists didn’t lose; they just simply moved. 

Their goal here was simple; repeat the same degenerate practices over the course of time within American culture to create a lack of morals, and make the teaching of such degenerate behavior the hidden norm.  Furthermore, slowly convince the people that government has their best interests at heart, use war and division to generate a reliance on government for safety, and then use the school system to convince the family that government could be a better and more knowledgeable parent than a child’s own biological family members. 

With the rise of the TV, moral and immoral behavior began to co-mingle on programming shows, and such messages began to make their way into the classroom.  Debate, for example, would become a common practice within history classes, and debate clubs began to spring up within K12 schools.  The sharing of opinions and the forced act of “taking sides,” would give rise to intergenerational divisions that were all a part of the divisively-degenerative plan. 

The 1960’s social turmoil was also manufactured, and this intentionally found its way into the American classroom as well.  Societal-to-classroom division continued well into the 1970’s. Then, educators were warned about the social decline of the American mind and culture, within the book; The Leipzig Connection.  Within this magnificent text, the authors lay out the history of the communist plan of attack for American students, educators and families, and the pitfalls that will come under the guise of “social development” and “educational psychology,” designed to “reduce violence and maintain social order and compliance.”  It was within this text that American educators were warned about “critical theory,” “social-emotional learning,” and many other social movements that are purposefully designed to replace the teaching of an accurate curriculum with the teaching of degenerative and immoral behaviors, ultimately designed with social control in mind. 

The very mask-wearing that is occurring within American schools, at this current time in history, also exemplifies this plan of social control through degenerative means.  American educators actually believed that when mask-wearing was rolled out in the fall of 2020, that it wasn’t just going to be used (as they falsely perceived) as a health-preventive measure; but in fact a social controller that would ultimately reduce, if not eliminate violent behavior within their schools—in particular when combined with “social distancing.”  American educators and administrations could not have been more wrong.   Schools are now more violent today than ever before.

The mask-wearing itself also creates its own level of perversion, depending on the audience and the one administering the rule, in particular when you examine the history of mask wearing for compliance. Masks themselves are commonly used in bondage scenerios and sado-masochism (BDSM) role play, which are derived from master vs. slave dynamics.

Is it really that hard to see why such an environment as a K12 school would attract a certain type of degenerate attitude or perverse mind frame, regarding those in charge? Isn’t it possible that the very sight of minors being forced to wear masks would bring with it a sexual overtone and gratification among those who possess a perverse main-frame, while holding an administrative rank in a power structure?

Much of the American populace has awoken to the degenerate behaviors of their own K12 schools and universities.  Parents are reading passages from pornographic books, out-loud within school-board meetings, in blatant acts of righteous indignation. These perverse books find their way into classroom curriculums and K12 school libraries, in large part from the very degenerates whom work within these districts themselves.  These individuals can’t help but to bring their own perverse behaviors and methodologies into the working environment, because to them, the two should co-exist.  There is no separation as far as the degenerate is concerned.  If they can THINK it, then they should DISPLAY it, and FORCE it on others as being “normal.”  What they don’t know, is that they’re not only creating more work for themselves, but they’re putting themselves in serious legal peril.  Their own perverse actions are backfiring.

As a weak last-ditch defense, we now see many of these degenerate so-called “educators” and “administrators” claiming that they don’t even know what critical theory is, and that they’ve never taught its divisive principals.  The awake populace knows otherwise.  Stupidity is not an excuse, and it isn’t working. 

The communist plan-of-attack has worked to an extent. Lower wages that have caused women to work outside of the home over the course of a half century, allowed government to step in to raise their children. Fortunately, more families are now taking back control.  

We have been told time and time again, over the course of a century, that the foremost degenerative battleground is the American classroom. The very people who implement such perverse policies, are in fact degenerates themselves.  These people and these environments should be given no quarter.  My continued recommendation when dealing with sexually perverse people who exhibit inappropriate or illegal behaviors within school settings, is to bypasses the school’s administration and report all incidents and suspected guilty parties, with documentation, directly to the police.  When such reports are made to the police, it becomes the police departments responsibility to investigate, and the school district is forced to take a backseat.  Whatever actions the police request, the school district must abide.  This is also assuming that both entities are not working together to cover up a larger problem—which unfortunately is a reality in many districts throughout this country.  Therefore, I recommend going to multiple police departments to ensure your formal complaints of staff behavior or curriculum/books etc. are not swept under the rug. 

There is no better time to walk away from the grip of communism and Marxism in American education, than this current time in history. 

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BIO: Dr. Sean M. Brooks is the author of several books including; The Unmasking of American Schools: The Sanctioned Abuse of Americas Teachers and Students, and the host of the podcast; American Education FM.