The Ongoing Criminal Conspiracy in American Education:

Child imprisonment, abuse, murder, and the largest medical and monetary fraud in American school history.

K12 school-board confrontations have now shifted and escalated from talking about the harmful nature of “Critical Theories,” to parents and community members demanding their children not be jabbed to death. The focus has also shifted from talking about the “evils of white people,” to now demanding no-mask mandates and no more faulty COVID testing—all for something that doesn’t even exist. Now, measures are currently in place for schools to “quarantine” their students, that school officials themselves suspect of being “COVID positive,” without the ability to prove as much— as school administrations do so within their own schools, away from the watchful eyes of parents.  

Therefore, K12 public schools themselves, in many cases, are now concentration camps.  This is not an exaggeration. Masks, muzzling, quarantines, distancing, and forced isolation and imprisonment (either within school or away from school), for a minimum of 10 days, all with looming online home-learning as a perceived “consequence.”  Teachers and students are also encouraged to snitch on one another for not following the concentration-camp rules.  Division and segregation are encouraged to “maintain the health and well-being of others,” and school boards are refusing to listen to the public’s demands to a return to “the ways of old.”

Not only are American K12 schools mandating quarantine locations within their schools, but the CDC at the national level is suggesting that citizens who are deemed as a “high risk of transmission” will be quarantined within actual camps that are not their own homes.  All of this is occurring as parents are demanding that their children under the age of 12 get the jabs as soon as possible, while the double-jabbed parents themselves wait with baited-breath to receive the first round of “booster shots” and the upcoming “seasonal flu shot.”  Poisoning oneself and a loved one (i.e., Munchausen Syndrome), is now as common as drinking a glass of water.

Unfortunately, many still fail to understand that the avalanche cannot be stopped. Worse yet for those who are asleep, they still hope that a totalitarian will change its ways.  You can’t tell a volcano to not erupt, nor tell a blind man to see.  The failure of American K12 schools and universities is at hand, and nothing will be able to stop its inevitable destruction.  We, are in fact watching, the largest conspiracy to commit fraud and murder in the history of man.

Thousands of years of research on how people teach, learn, think, and behave rationally, has been ignored and eliminated.  For example, Indiana University mandated that all of its staff and students must receive these deadly inoculations before retuning to school in the Fall of 2021. This was mentioned in an earlier article. Now recently, an Indiana judge has upheld the ruling, as did the Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, with a failure to take up the case with no comment. I can’t think of a more unhealthy teaching and learning environment, because there isn’t one. American K12 schools and universities are at the top of the heap.

While many moves on the battlefield are taking place, others are being ignored, as the human mind can only focus on a small set of realities at once, let alone those concepts for which they cannot comprehend or have never considered.

For example, a major avenue that remains largely unnoticed and undiscussed, involves the monetary fraud and real-time robbery that has taken place over the last year-and-a-half within American K12 schools.  All school districts in America received “COVID relief funds.”  These “funds” totaled in the tens of millions of dollars for each individual school district in America, outside of their normal state-allocated funds to pay staff and maintain the bills.  One major school district near Columbus, Ohio, received 42 million dollars in “COVID relief” in the Spring of 2021; and again, this was separate from their normal state-allocated funds.  For the sake of argument, take that amount and multiply it by the number of school districts in America (13,452 districts, give or take).  The total money amount for American K12 school districts was around 564.98 billion dollars in “COVID relief” money.  Yes.  Over 564 BILLION DOLLARS! If this “COVID relief” has been allocated twice, double that number. The total monetary number starts with the letter T.

Now for the next logical question.  Where has all of that money gone?  Oddly enough, this too requires little thought.  The money has gone to those very same outsourced companies and foreign countries and organizations that have influenced the indoctrination and very destruction of American children and their teachers. That money has also remained in the bank of each school district to be used “as seen fit” in the future. Administrators and school-board members are now paying one another salary increases, for the very first time.  Yes, you read that correctly.  School-board members are now voting to pay one another full-time salaries, for an elected position that was commonly an unpaid title.  A simple vote among school-board members, and abracadabra, they’re now receiving more money than a school teacher, administrator or school staff worker.  

Very few citizens are asking questions about this money and where the money is going.  One distraction over here distracts people over there.  One discussion over there, leads to a completely different discussion over here.  The pieces on the chess board are abundant and the board itself is too broad for many to see.  Thinking a few moves ahead, in itself, is now a self-distracting move with apparently no end in sight, as each pawn and rook is removed with both players blindfolded.

The answers and solutions to these inevitable problems are now becoming more abundant and harder to ignore.  Those who have acted last will look foolish, and those how have acted in a timely fashion or were far ahead of the curve, are now laughing with glee as their fellow citizens see the light or destroy themselves in the process.  The problem is, seeing the light, for many, comes at a great cost.  Including the loss of one’s life or the loss of entire families, even at the hands of the adults within those families.  Parents and now school boards themselves are facilitating the literal sterilization and murder of their own children and students as a result of the mask wearing and the demand and distribution of deadly inoculations.  (I refuse to show the forced jabbing of children who are visibly upset and crying. Videos of this are abundant. It’s too hard for even me to watch, and I've seen plenty).

The mass-delusion of society requires participation.  These participants continue to play the totalitarian game, firmly believing that they can accomplish three impossibilities, either individually or collectively, within their own echo-chamber of influence.  First, they tell themselves that they have NOT been lied to.  Second, they tell those who know they have been lied to (the awake), that they have not been lied to and have only been told the truth.  Finally, these very “sheeple” tell their totalitarian rulers, for whom they don’t recognize as such, that they believe their rulers have everyone’s best interests’ at heart.  The person who assumes these three mental states, singularly or collectively, cannot be saved.

The only solution here is to stop playing the game. Walk off of the playing board forever and reorganize a new position in life. Never play the totalitarian game again. Families believe the possible is impossible, until they try. Homeschooling is falsely seen as a daunting task—until the child is safe, smiling, happy, and learning on their own time, while staying alive and remaining unharmed.

Those who have homeschooled, and those who are now homeschooling for the very first time, are finding support in many great places. These resource groups and homeschools themselves have always existed, and they will continue to grow. A few resources to share, include the following:

Homeschool Option:

Homeschool Option:

Gab “Homeschooling” Group:

American K12 schools and the universities that have implemented these totalitarian and abusive tacts, cannot be saved. If true freedom is to reign in America again, we should never return. Their destruction is inevitable. Failure has consequences and they cannot stay afloat with this many visible holes in the boat. Those who are foolish enough to return, having played the totalitarian games and jumped through the deadly life-altering hoops, are showing their true colors and their true frame of mind. They won’t be around much longer. They don’t have long now. In fact, seeing one’s frame of mind is clearer than seeing a person walk down the street with a sandwich-board on their body with a large statement of self-delusion written across it. However, it doesn’t stop the sadness of seeing those who are continuously given the choice to wake up, yet they reach out and eat the blue pill every time, only to return to their comfortable delusion.

Non-participation and self-governance are the only ways forward.

Nothing can stop what is coming.

BIO: Dr. Sean M. Brooks, Ph.D. is the author of several books including; The Unmasking of American Schools: The Sanctioned Abuse of Americas Teachers and Students, and the host of the podcast; American Education FM. Also now on Bitchute.