The Battleground of Totalitarianism.

The conformist, the non-conformist, and the coming future.

Critical Race Theory is low hanging fruit, and only one berry on the tree.  CRT isn’t the problem; totalitarianism is.  It’s that simple.  Those who focus on CRT, are focusing on a singular dent on a garage door, as the house is on fire and burning to the ground.  The root of the problem is totalitarianism.  

Over the last year, the largest abuses on humanity have taken place, and the proven research on the objective solutions have been ignored.  Real scientific research has been marginalized regarding medicine, preventative injury and illness, along with proven research on how humans teach, learn and retain factual information.  In essence, the God-given act of thinking has been discouraged, and basic visual observation, combined with a keen ear, proves this to be true.  

We now stand at the precipice of a full renewal, and an opportunity to return to the proven ways of the past, regarding both the health and the education of the American populace.  God must be at the forefront of this return.  Basic ways of living, learning and improving our well-being, must not be reinvented, but instead, revisited.  After all, look what a full removal of God from both health and education has led to; reliance on totalitarians and those who are manipulated by totalitarians.

This ‘new beginning’ is also being approached by totalitarians themselves.  In fact, they have planned for this for over a century, and now their plan has been forced to the forefront for the whole world to see.  For example, countless K12 districts are turning their former schools and curriculums into communistic work camps, where their students will graduate with no actual grades, nor a transcript that will be taken seriously in the real world.  Countless K12 schools, colleges and universities are forcing the deadly jabs on their students and faculty in order to return to their campuses.  K12 schools have also transformed themselves into doctors’ offices, where the deadly jabs are being thrust upon students and teaching staff.  Many school boards and divisions in higher education are attempting to rule with an iron fist.  What these oppressive institutions fail to see, however, is the one quality that has always made America great; non-conformity.

Non-conformity is where many Americans have always resided dating back to the Three Percenters during the Revolutionary War. Yet, many are now learning that individuality and non-conformity go hand in hand.  These two working in conjunction with one another are an unstoppable force.  Why do you think totalitarians despise school choice?  It’s kryptonite to conformity.  Why does it seem that the non-conformist is labeled a “loner?”  This derogatory term is purposefully designed to divide and diminish the non-conformist and the individual.  However, it’s the non-conformist and the individual that will survive.  It’s the individual that will live on.  It’s the non-conformist that will rebuild what may soon be demolished. 

In the coming months, schools (K12 and universities) will close again.  This is an inevitability.  In my educated and observational opinion (of which I’m certainly not alone in this regard) the previous year was a “test run” to see how schools would, or could handle a quick shift in policy that required the full absence of students and teaching staff within their buildings.  This was carried out using a level of psychological warfare, that has in fact, been used before.  These tactics of the totalitarians who pull the strings, are not new.  These methods are simply repeated at differing times, and used on a wide spectrum of severity.  

For example, this past Spring, K12 schools could not find substitutes to fill in for absent or ill teachers.  This occurred at such a high rate, that school districts eliminated their qualifications for the role of a substitute teacher, and required only a high school diploma as a prerequisite to fill in.  Even these approaches were not enough to reach their desired goals of a faculty in attendance.

Another example that makes this a beyond plausible scenario in the near future, occurred in the Spring of 2021 when countless K12 schools had their teachers line up to receive the jabs. The adverse reactions from those teachers and staff receiving the jabs, caused entire school districts to shut down from not being able to properly staff their buildings with substitutes.  These frequent occurrences were never mentioned on the national mainstream media.

Now that countless teachers, students and school staff throughout America have lined up for the jabs, one can far more than assume that these very schools will close, if not cease to exist in the near future.  For example, Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, alone, has jabbed roughly 80% of its faculty.  Indiana University is requiring that its staff and students receive the jabs before returning in the fall.  Parents, and many others, are in the process of suing Indiana University due to this totalitarian policy, but the damage has already been done.  Rhodes College, in Tennessee, is fining students $1,500 per year if they have not received the jabs, but still choose to attend.  These monetary fines will continue until the students comply, or they choose to leave.  These are just three examples of totalitarianism and the trouble to come.

The jabs are causing a complete breaking of ones own RNA.  This leads to the widespread distribution of spiked proteins that invade the entire body.  When said individual comes in contact with a bacterium, a flu shot, another common coronavirus, or the viral shedding of another person or group, their immune system will blast into overdrive, thereby causing a myriad of health problems that an uncompromising immune system would otherwise manage and eliminate with ease.  Illness among these individuals who encompass these professions, let alone their potential death, may cause the collapse of entire institutions in the foreseeable future. The mainstream media remains silent.

It has become common practice for those who study the moves and motives of totalitarians, to accurately predict their strategies and their outcomes (i.e., 1984Brave New World etc.).  In fact, it becomes depressingly easier with time.  As stated before, the objective non-conformist can see the entire battleground of warfare.  The individual has the ability to hover above the battleground, and see the players, the moves, the terrain, and what lies beyond the horizon from a birds-eye view.  It’s not clairvoyance or even arrogance.  Rather, it’s objective predictability.  

The conformist or group-thinker, may not stand a chance.  However, this doesn’t mean that the individual cannot share these insights and plausible scenarios with those who may conform with an unknowing or unseeing group.  In fact, it should be our duty to continuously share these predictable moves with many, regardless of their own ability to see the battlefield, and the players involved on all sides.  

Time is a true test of one’s enlightenment, and experience can open the eyes of those who are asleep.  Unfortunately, this latter motivator of enlightenment, now directly involving biological and psychological warfare, will be thrust upon many as they may see their fellow colleagues, friends and family members fall ill.  The so-called loner will then be called on to inform the shocked conformist who was not able to see the battleground, let alone the war.

In the words of Joost Meerloo, MD; 

“A man who has been taught self-esteem and knowledge will stand to the end when the hour of challenge comes.  The change of the war of weapons into a mental cold war requires a change of discipline.  The soldier has to know not only his rifle, but even more the sense of his mission and the nonsense of the enemy.”

BIO: Dr. Sean M. Brooks is the author of several books including; The Unmasking of American Schools: The Sanctioned Abuse of Americas Teachers and Students, and the host of the podcast; American Education FM.