The Menticide of Society.

A brief parallel to today’s human behavior.

The lie I tell ten times gradually becomes a half-truth to me, And as I continue to tell my half-truth to others, it becomes my cherished delusion. – Joost Meerloo, M.D.

The book, The Rape of The Mind, by Dr. Joost Meerloo is a necessary text for everyone to read.  I have read Chapter Two in its entirety on my Podcast American Education FM (EP. 147 and 148), but this entire book must be digested thoroughly, in particular when experiencing and witnessing the totalitarianism of today.  My professional and personal recommendation is to read non-fiction books incessantly.  However, if you read one book this summer, make it The Rape of The Mind.

I want to break down just a few subchapters within The Rape of The Mind, and compare them with what is happening with the human race today.  This isn’t a difficult task.  The book makes these connections with an extraordinary level of ease, even as it was written in 1955.  At least it seems to be that way for those of us who aren’t brainwashed.  For those who are brainwashed, however, digesting your own actions during the past year and how you have willfully bent the knee to totalitarians, will be a tough, if not impossible pill to swallow.  

At the time of writing this article, the FDA has now approved the use of the Pfizer gene therapy shot for minors between the ages of 12-15.  Parents who have taken the shot themselves (although without any FDA approval for adults) will undoubtedly force their children to do the same, unless their children are smarter than their parents.  Believe it or not, this is possible, given the technology use and the skills some minors have acquired while growing up in the information age.  However, the unthinking adult tends to produce unthinking children.  This generates an actual fear of living while the totalitarian sets the parameters for one to first live in.  For example, Governor Whitmer of Michigan is now attempting to make the mask mandates permanent, for everyone.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has taken bribery, division and totalitarianism to the next level. Not only is he pinning those who have received the experimental shot against those who have not received the experimental shot—but now, he’s bribing those who have not received the shot to get it; including incentivizing parents to pressure their kids to get it, while “rewarding” those who have received the shots with cash and prizes. For example, any 12-17 year-olds, who can prove they have taken the shots, will be entered into a drawing every Wednesday, for five weeks, to potentially receive a fully-paid scholarship to any Ohio college, including room and board. Now, unknowledgeable and abusive parents will be insisting that their children get the shots, so their children can enter a free-college contest.

Also, any adults in Ohio who can prove they have taken the shots, can enter into a drawing every Wednesday, for five weeks, to potentially win—one million dollars.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine also falsely stated that 99.7 percent of those in overrun hospitals in Ohio, are the ones who have not taken the shots. Where have we heard this percentage before? This is actually the percentage of those who survive COVID without ever going to the hospital.

These are the manipulative tactics of a totalitarian. These are the methods of a monster.

Dr. Meerloo stated the following regarding the strategy of the totalitarian:

Totalitarian leaders, whether of the right or of the left, know better than anyone else how to make use of this fear of living. They thrive on chaos and bewilderment. During unrest in international politics, they are most at ease. The strategy of fear is one of their most valuable tactics. The growing complications of our civilization and its administration make the impact of power politics felt more than ever before. When the totalitarians add to their tactics all the clever tricks that we have already discussed Pavlovian conditioning, repeated suggestion, de-conditioning through boredom and physical degradation-they can win their battle for the control of man's mind (Chapter Nine: Fear as a Tool of Terror).

Many individuals have failed to understand that their schools and their workplaces who have mandated mask wearing, for an entire year, have done nothing more than believe lies and take orders from totalitarians.  In fact, those very individuals seemingly wear their brainwashing on the outside of their bodies for the rest of society to see.  They make their lack of knowledge just as obvious as a mask on one’s own face.  This is an observational skill that continues to this day.  You can actually see, on a grand scale in society, who is brainwashed and who isn’t.

Only now, the words and actions, by those who wear masks and have received the experimental shots, are being rationalized by the very unwitting victims of totalitarianism.  This is the ultimate victory of the totalitarian.  Control the parent, and you control their children.  Control the children, and you control the future generations to come.  All under the false auspices of the word “health.”

Dr. Meerloo elaborated by stating: 

Fear and intimidation have not only been the result but also the tools of mental coercion. Although there is as yet no unified theory of fear and anxiety, and we therefore do not know precisely why and how the development of these feelings leads to such dire consequences, it is important for us to understand what useful tools fear and panic are, and to see, through description, what these overwhelming emotions are able to do to people. 

Fear, is in fact, an illusion.  This makes the actions to illusionary fear more absurd.  Dr. Meerloo clearly states thought his book, that the only way to defeat a totalitarian; is to education one’s self, and then others if possible, on the nature of the works of the totalitarian, their mindset, their predictable actions, and their insatiable thirst for control over a free mind.  Once a person falsely believes they are making decisions themselves, stemming from their perceived individual will; that person will have actually been tricked into believing that they made an independent decision or choice.  In reality, the false fear that was created, generated an illusionary response to an illusion.  If one in power stated that jumping off of a cliff were a serious remedy to an even bigger illusionary problem, you might be surprised how many people would follow through with such a suggestion.

Whatever you do, don’t think this is an unreasonable position to take.  In 2019, if one had told you that a mask needed to be worn to protect yourself from a barley existent virus, and that the directions on the mask boxes said to not wear them because they don’t protect against viral transmission, but people would wear them in droves anyway—you would’ve laughed at such an occurrence.  If the same were said about taking experimental shots—one would consider this to also be absurd.  However, false-fear is a motivator of the mentally weak, and the totalitarians know this, as they use this tactic on a daily basis.  This is what strips the unwitting individual of the ability to truly operate independently.  

Dr. Meerloo stated: 

Fear and catastrophe fortify the need to identify with a strong leader. They lead to herding together of people, who shy away from wanting to be individual cells any longer; they prefer to be part of a huge mystic social organization that protects against threat and distress, in oneness with the leader. This protection-seeking instinctual reaction is also directed against dissent and individualism, against the individual ego. We see in this a regression toward a more primitive state of mass participation. True, this process of ego-shrinking is the negative side of the back-to- mass reaction. Yet it stimulates a recognition of greater need for cooperation and mutual help. 

The totalitarian actually tricks the individual or group into believing they are helping “the greater good,” when in fact, they are destroying the very thing that makes the individual a human; their own mind.  Dr. Meerloo refers to this, and many associated actions, as menticide; the specified killing of the mind at the hands of the individual themselves, via the suggestive nature of the totalitarians, without the individual ever knowing what is taking place.  

Dr. Meerloo also stated that those who fall under the spell of totalitarians, either with ease or over the course of time, tend to be those with unresolved issues stemming from childhood, in particular the need for power within their own lives.  These feelings actually make the individual believe that they are indeed more powerful than those around them because they have bitten ‘the apple of suggestion’ that was handed to them by totalitarians themselves.  For example, the virtue signaling that has taken place, among those who have taken the shot, is an outward display of their juvenal illusionary power.  This is yet another false gift that the totalitarian has given their victim.  In fact, the totalitarian has even pinned their subjects (i.e., slaves) against those who have resisted the totalitarian’s orders, in an attempt to shame, coerce or confuse the individual thinker.  More times than not, this tactic doesn’t work.  It only hardens the individual thinker to be more of an individual.

Dr. Meerloo stated:

Whenever fear and danger confront him, man has to make a choice: Shall he indulge in unchecked fury? Shall he concentrate upon self-protection? Or shall he accept his responsibilities? The fear reactions we have described show how the primordial impulse to self-protection (misguided though it may be) can break through all our civilized defences. Only training and conscious preparation for danger, both inner and outer, can give a man strength to hold these reactions in check. This training starts within the nucleus of the family and is supported by the example of a peaceful, free community. These are the first teachers in the constant battle between inner fear and outer danger. 

The same has occurred with students within and around school-based environments.  For those who follow the totalitarians, these believers are turning on those who actually know better, while those who know better and think freely— resist at every turn.  This is called courage and virtue.  These are admirable qualities of a morally-sound human being.  In fact, those who have resisted totalitarianism, have removed themselves from the very K12 schools, colleges and universities who continue to practice a totalitarian methodology.  Yet, the blind student and adult victims of totalitarianism, who continue to attend, have yet to make an easily observable connection—that endless numbers of their peers are no longer in attendance.  

Being left without a seat when the music stops, is a blessing. While others were clamoring for a seat, the vast majority were wise enough to not play the abusive-totalitarian game. These individuals and free-thinkers educated themselves on the identities and tactics of the totalitarians who created the game in the first place.  Fortunately, the music doesn’t generate the desired totalitarian response on the vast majority of an independent, morally-grounded people. Nevertheless, the question remains; how many people will learn from their errors (either known or unknown to them), and reverse their own course before it’s too late?

The Rape of The Mind; By Joost Meerloo, M.D.


BIO: Dr. Sean M. Brooks is the author of several books including; The Unmasking of American Schools: The Sanctioned Abuse of Americas Teachers and Students, and the host of the podcast; American Education FM.