The COVID-Lie Connections.

Visible deceptions and their codependency.

Lies are always dependent on the existence of another lie. Numerous lies regarding the coronavirus and the surrounding totalitarian polices that have been implemented, are being exposed.  In this article, I highlight some of these lies in a simple list (not in any particular order) and their codependency. While there are more lies and coercive measures to come, many more are being destroyed.

1. Current Jab Requirements.

The coming Fall and Winter are going to be cataclysmic months in the history of man. Universities and K12 schools are requiring that students and staff members receive at least their first coronavirus shot by the middle to end of October, only to then coercively receive their second dose by the middle of November.  Both ineffective doses (at least against coronavirus) are to be administered in close proximity to one another, as opposed to the multi-month separation when these jabs were first administered in December of 2020, through the spring of 2021.  Seems odd, doesn’t it?  Once, where there was a mandatory waiting period between your first and second jab, there is no longer one.  Walgreens, the pharmacy and department store, is even telling their customers that they can receive a flu shot and a covid shot, or “booster,” in the same visit.  So apparently just within a few months, the need to wait in-between ineffective poisonous jabs, is no longer relevant.  What changed?

2. Faulty Coronavirus Tests. 

Kary Mullis, the now dead inventor of the PCR test (polymerase chain-reaction technique), has stated on video and audio, numerous times, that the PCR test is not meant to test for coronaviruses.  The FDA has recalled thousands of coronavirus tests because of their blatant ineffectiveness ( and yet, almost all schools and universities continue to use these faulty and recalled tests to determine possible “cases” of coronavirus among their staff and student populations.  For example, the BINAX test in particular, is widely available in grocery stores and pharmacies at a price range of roughly $23 per test. Schools themselves are using these tests on a regular basis, while actually believing they are providing someone a level of accuracy.  This test is not only faulty, BINAX says so in their own documentation and instructional videos.  This very BINAX test is set to be removed by the FDA as a test, in December of 2021. Therefore, if its been ruled ineffective by the FDA months ago, and only set to be removed from store shelves months from now, why is it still in use?

There are at least four ways in which the test is faulty and can provide an invalid reading.  At which point, you are instructed in the directions to contact “technical support,” in which case they will run you through the steps again and ultimately tell you to buy another test at a price tag of at least $23.  Families and schools are foolish enough to do this—and they’re doing it. 

3. Contact Tracing.

While the saying “contact tracing” came about last year, it’s now here and officially in full force in many work places and school settings.  K12 schools and universities are monitoring people who use these faulty tests, and test positive, to then interrogate said person into revealing where they have been, who they have been around, and where they live—so they can alert those suspected individuals that they have come in contact with an alleged positive person, even if no symptoms are present.  Keep in mind, the people carrying out these orders believe that being “asymptomatic” is a real thing.  Which of course, it’s not, and has been disproven by countless doctors and researchers, such as Dr. Mike Yeadon, the former VP of Pfizer. 

These “contact tracers” are even knocking on doors of local citizens, who are not affiliated with the local school systems, and asking them questions about who they have been around, because an identified individual has now tested positive for coronavirus. Schools systems and city councils are also paying citizens to participate in this “contact tracking” at all levels of employment and for the surrounding communities. These were not acts that were voted on by the people. Therefore, why are such totalitarian measures in place?

4. Masking. 

Parents continue to yell at school-board meetings about mask-wearing, while wearing masks themselves, and the school-board members ignore every scream.  Masking continues to be debated, and yet, there is no debate.  Masks are compliance devices and they harm the wearer physically and psychologically, with or without their knowledge.  That’s it.  

Mask wearing also lower the levels of oxygen in the body dramatically, they have caused countless diseases and infections, and now children are being disciplined if they fail to wear them “properly.”  In fact, masks actually cause cancer.  Oxygen deprivation at the cellular level is the number one cause of cancer.  If a cell in the body is deprived of 35% of its oxygen, it can become cancerous.  Therefore, what do you think masks do for oxygen levels and carbon dioxide levels in the body?

So, why does masking (among other policies/mandates) continue, given the proven levels of ineffectiveness? 

Money.  It’s all about money. 

For example, Ohio State University is receiving 115,136,000 to maintain mask mandates, restrictions, and the implementation of jab requirements.  Yet, the public seems to be largely unaware of this.  The simple fact, is that K12 schools and universities are being paid tens-of-millions of dollars to abuse students and staff members with faulty mask wearing and faulty coronavirus testing.  If they keep the lie going, they continue to receive federal funds.  Plain and simple.

Below are two websites which show both higher education CARES ACT money (PDF document) and the K12 state ESSER funds that are allocated to each state for maintaining these abusive policies:

College and University PDF:

K12 ESSER (Elementary and secondary school emergency relief) Funds:

5. University Policy Hypocrisy.

This is arguably one of the more revealing lies that has existed, of which can be easily observed.  University campuses, all over America, have mask and jab policies in place.  We’ve known this.  They also have “vaccine passport policies” for entering buildings, restaurants, bars, and other places of recreational gathering, on or off of campus.  For example, communistic city councils work with their neighboring universities to fine those individuals who enter an establishment without a mask on.  Individuals can be fined $100 for every infraction (at least where I live). 

This, of course, requires a campus or town “brown-shirt squad” to enforce such mandates, and as luck would have it, such student-led “brown-shirt squads” exist.  In fact, the federal funds that are being doled-out to each school, are being spent on recruiting students to learn how to enforce such barbaric rules on their fellow peers.  Universities are actually training and paying students to be on-the-ground Bolsheviks. 

Many universities also have special weekends for out-of-towners to attend, such as the popular “parent’s weekend” that occurs on a yearly basis.  Having recently witnessed this myself within a local university, every eating and drinking establishment was packed with parents and students alike (thousands), with masked and unmasked people (roughly 30% un-masked), while “vaccine passports” were not checked at the door upon entry, as they are required any other time. 

Does this mean that parents are the cure for COVID?  Does this mean that only on weekdays when school is in session, masks work—while COVID is contagious and deadly?  Does this mean that everyone is going to receive a monetary fine in the mail, once it is determined who was not wearing a mask, indoors, on “parent’s weekend?”  Or, does it mean that city councils, universities and K12 schools are lying, and they need to keep the lie going in order to receive more federal funds? 

Universities are also paying their employees “bonuses” under the guise of “appreciating their hard work over the last 18 months.” However, in the case of Miami University, their President is telling all staff members that they will receive a $500 bonus and extra vacation time if they stay at the university past the November jab deadline for all students and employees. This is yet another coercive measure that is taking place on university campuses and within K12 schools.

Apparently $500 is what a university believes a life is worth.

6. The Incoming Medical Excuses and Word Manipulation.

More doctors are waking up to the faulty tests, the faulty masks, and the deadly jabs—including the flu shots.  While this awakening is not being discussed with regularity, it is happening. 

This next example is a small example, but I believe it’s a larger insight into how our local and national doctors are going to make excuses in the future for their lack of knowledge regarding the deadly coronavirus jabs.

First, a quick story to set up this theory. In 2014, my nephew was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of two and a half.  He survived and is alive today.  However, his parents continued to give him flu shots after his cancer remission, without ever looking up nor asking what is inside a flu shot.  Flu shots contain multiple carcinogens and they don’t prevent against a natural immune response. Allegedly, their son’s oncologist has now stated that their son no longer needs flu shots, because he is “allergic to some of the ingredients.” 

Has something changed in the poisonous flu shots?  How does a doctor know their patient is allergic, if they weren’t monitored for an allergic response in the past?  Or, is there something more mainstream that is about to happen here?  Is it possible that doctors who are learning about the deadly effects of the COVID jabs, are now going to be using the excuse—“they are allergic,” as a way to avoid administering the deadly jabs in the future? 

As I’ve stated on Gab, this is plausible, simply due to parents and adults blindly believing their doctors no matter what, without question. When the doctor tells parents something of medical “importance,” in particular if an ingredient in a “medicine” or “shot” is dangerous because the intended recipient is “allergic,” the doctor will most likely be met with head-nodding in agreement from the parents or patient.

I believe that some doctors think this is their way out of the noose.  Doctors who are now learning what horrific things they have done to their patients, will begin to state with regularity that their patients are “allergic to ingredients” regarding some, if not all shots going forward. 

Does this mean that all doctors will stop pushing the jabs?  Of course not.  Many will continue to do so, and the same is true with the flu shots, because there is too much money to be made in doing so.  However, for those who are noticing the blatantly obvious death toll the COVID jabs have had on people all over the world, doctors may believe this “allergic” excuse is their way to avoid future prosecution.  

Another example of word manipulation, that is already taking place in plain sight, is the use of the made-up phrase “breakthrough infection.”  There is no such thing.  There are compromised immune systems, weakened immune systems, and the like.  This is yet another word-manipulative excuse that is being used currently (and will be used in the future) regarding the jabbed becoming ill as a result of their now compromised immune systems. 

Finally, the last and most recent example includes the saying; “non-COVID medical condition.” This of course means the labled individual has been jabbed, and are now experiencing the effects and the associated illnesses that come from the jabs, while possessing a compromised immune system.

Deceptive language will continue to be used in the coming months when hospitals fill up with the jabbed, and some die as a result. This deceptive language will also be used to perpetuate more jabs, more drugs, more false fear, more false division, more blaming of the un-jabbed, and the ongoing lie. 

It’s already happened, and it’s not going away.

The hypocritical back-and-forth is beyond obvious at this point.  This has never been about a “virus.”  This has always been about compliance, control, money laundering, biological warfare, a one-world government, depopulation, and trans-humanistic slavery for those who remain.  If a person doesn’t know these connections by now, they are probably double-jabbed and standing in line for their booster shot (which is actually the exact same dose of the same poison they previously received the first two times—and it’s free of charge). 

The Fall is here.  Be watchful and be observant. 

The next six months are going be a bumpy ride. 


BIO: Sean M. Brooks, Ph.D. is the author of several books including; The Unmasking of American Schools: The Sanctioned Abuse of Americas Teachers and Students, and the host of the podcast; American Education FM.