The Suicide of the Young American.

The toxic influence, the consequences and the way forward.

Dr. Tracy L. Cross has written many books.  One of which I’ve read, referenced thoroughly and would recommend to anyone, is a book titled; Suicide Among Gifted Children and Adolescence: Understanding the Suicidal Mind.  Within this book he describes how the students who would be categorized as “talented and gifted” (i.e., the straight-A students who graduate from high school with a 5.5 GPA) tend to be the students who struggle the most with changes in life, the perceived academic pressure to succeed (among other things), and that these very individuals and groups tend to be far more likely to “complete” suicide, as opposed to their fellow peers or counterparts.  The events of 2020, and the ongoing totalitarian environment, have only exacerbated the destruction of the young American mind, which has unfortunately and predictably led to the dramatic increase in blind compliance, and student-aged depression and suicide.  

According to the National Institute for Mental Health, suicide is the second leading cause of death between the ages of 10 and 34, and it’s the number one cause of death among college students.  Suicide rates have increased from 1999 to the current day, and the current rates show an increase of anywhere from 6% to 58%, depending on the State within the U.S.  The larger and more alarming point is this; the suicide rates are hard to determine, as of now, between the years of 2020 to the current day.  The statistical tracking has stopped and typically doesn’t come out for roughly three years from the last year marker (2019).  

The causes of this increase in depression, which can lead to the thoughts and ultimate acts of taking one’s own life, have occurred as a result of a variety of reasons, including but not limited to; perceived fear, job loss, lockdowns, pseudo quarantines and actual quarantines, witnessing illness, hospital exposure, witnessing death, workplace conflict, mask wearing, substance abuse, an inability to move and communicate clearly with family, family separation, divorce, disillusionment, and financial ruin.  

The American parent and the American school teacher, however, are largely an unblamed variable for this mental and physical decline among American school-aged students.  We know that the American school environment (from K12 through higher education) has been a toxic environment for decades, if not since the inception of what we refer to as “modern American education” (The Prussian educational system).  American teachers and administrators being responsible for the mental and emotional decline of American students is not a new phenomenon, neither is the presence of unknowledge or abusive parents.  However, now, we have a perfect storm and a higher rate of depression and suicide than ever before.  Both the school and home environments, perhaps largely filled with unknowledgeable and submissive individuals who are toeing the line and acquiescing to the powers that be, are now the very individuals perpetuating the antecedents to mental decline and the thoughts or actions that lead to one ending their own life.  Take a look at what Dartmouth University is doing with their students:

One online forum, where one can witness the mental breakdown of both student and parent, is within the posts that are made on the website  What makes these posts paradoxical, are the continued postings by the very parents themselves who are witnessing the first-hand mental and physical decline of their own children. Yet, they fail to see that it’s their own parental actions that are contributing to their child’s mental and physical deterioration.  For example, one post, which is not uncommon, stated the following:

Another post reads as follows:

Another post was written and witnessed by a mother, regarding her observations of a teenager in his working environment during the summer of 2021:

I was with my toddler at an entirely outdoor water park in Orlando where customers were able to roam mask-free but employees all had to remain masked. I noticed that a teenage lifeguard in the toddler play area had his mask off, which was a relief to me because the employees all looked intimidating and unapproachable with them on. I felt this was particularly sad in front of the littlest children who needed to view the lifeguards as a source of help, not a threat. I walked up and asked him why he was able to remove his mask, and he appeared very nervous and started to reach for his mask. I assured him that I didn’t think he should have to wear one, and he seemed relieved. He told me in a very strained manner that sometimes he has a really hard time breathing in a mask because of health issues, and I told him that I have the same problem and think masking is ridiculous and that him having to wear one in a sunny, warm, spacious work environment was wrong. He still appeared nervous but appreciated the encouragement. Not much later, a manager approached him and spoke with him for a while. A little after that, two staff members came and talked with him. The young man, who was a tall, strong, athletic teenager, looked on the verge of tears. They ended up having him leave work, at least for the day. I watched him walk dejectedly back to the staff locker area and prayed that he would not have to choose between sacrificing his mental/physical health or his income.

I’ve said this before.  I’ve also read this and stated this publicly, and I agree 100%.  If you chain a dog to a tree, the dog becomes accustomed to the chain and their behavior changes for the worse. The dogs behavior becomes unnatural and aggressive at the same time.  However, when you remove one link from the chain, and then another link, on and on over the course of time, thereby making the chain shorter and shorter, the dog doesn’t recognize that their bondage is becoming more constrained, until they are right up against the tree with nowhere to go and no moves left to make.  In my opinion, this exemplifies precisely what is going on in the world right now, and the enemies are counting on this.  They want us enslaved and they want us dead.  Either by their hand; or by our own.  

Another unfortunate element that is already occurring, not being reported on, and will likely increase with time; are the parentless families that will continue to emerge as a result of jabbed parents falling ill and dying. The young mind of a child watching their parents fall ill as a result of the jabs, will have both immediate and long term ramifications on their physical and mental well-being. When someone says, “children are resilient,” that person is a fool. Children are not resilient, because we can’t read their minds, nor see into their future. All the more reason for the healthy-minded warriors to seize-the-day and protect these children from engaging in self-destructive behaviors, if and when they experience this parental loss, or doing what we can to prevent it. It’s also our job to protect these children from the leering eyes of government. CPS and other government organizations would love to round-up these parentless children. After all, look at what government is doing to children now.

While Fox News and other corrupt media outlets are only focused on what they propagate as being the problem, here I will continue to offer solutions to this lack of freedom and logic that has destroyed the young American mind.  You may disagree, but that’s ok.  We have all been tricked onto believing that change is bad and tradition is necessary.  As it turns out, neither of these things are true.

One quick solution to the rapid decline of the young American mind, must be mass non-compliance—forever.  Emphasis on the word—FOREVER.  This would ultimately lead to an “institutional destruction from within.”  Without the support of the public (physical participation and financial), the positions and the institutions themselves would cease to exist.  

High school students in Denver Colorado walked out of class to protest mask wearing. While a noble act of defiance, it won’t mean anything if they simply return to take their punishment for skipping class, only to wear a mask again. In fact, even a slight return to such an abusive environment after such a noble act of freedom, will only empower the tyrants in charge to lean harder with their boot on the back of the necks of those who dared to dissent. Non-participation in such abusive environments, forever, is the only way forward. Let the dust collect on the empty buildings bricks, and let the lies and illegality fall with the institution when it collapses.

If patriots decide to take back these positions within school boards or local government, they need to destroy these positions from the inside, and remind the public that the positions themselves don’t need to exist in the future.  After all, dogs and cats are actual mayors of towns in America.  Let that sink in.  

The immediate removal of students from abusive environments has been clinically shown to instantly improve the mind, body, and overall health of the abused individual.  Sadly, normalizing the abuse by rationalizing one’s participation in the abusive environment, and the implemented tactics that accompany it, has both short and long-term consequences.  It’s the long-term consequences that the enemy is interested in, because that leads to an individual or group’s lifetime of compliance to tyranny.  A lifetime of compliance to tyranny has two means to the same end; death by one’s own hand, or death by the hands or actions of their enslaver. It’s long past time for families to “circle the wagons” and protect themselves and their children, from the evil forces that intend to harm us all.

Unshackle the mind and the body will follow.  Mend the mind and the body will heal.  Armor the mind—and the body will become impenetrable.  

BIO: Dr. Sean M. Brooks is the author of several books including; The Unmasking of American Schools: The Sanctioned Abuse of Americas Teachers and Students, and the host of the podcast; American Education FM.