Your Medical Rights in American Schools.

Protecting yourself, your employment, your children and your future.

To date, there are countless citizens in America who have bitten the forbidden apple.  They believed it would heal them.  This apple is false information and a complete forfeiture of individual human rights.  Many people sunk their teeth into their own demise, personally and professionally, without giving it a moment’s thought.  

Fortunately, only 18 percent of the American population have taken the experimental shots, while falsely believing they have FDA approval.  Yet, many others have acquiesced to “the powers that be” and forfeited their individual rights in countless other ways.  Unfortunately, both percentages are far too high.  

What will undoubtedly occur next, in particular within American schools, will be a combination of these two aforementioned behaviors, unless you know your rights and the facts first.  Let’s begin.

America’s Frontline Doctors are at the tip of the spear when it comes to informing the public of their rights and the real medical facts that currently exist, including the treatments for a virus that has a 99.9% cure rate.  They stated the following on their Telegram account on April 17th:

“At the present time, all COVID medical products offered under the auspices of a ‘vaccine’ are granted approval as an Emergency Use Authorization.  

They are not approved by the FDA.

Mandating investigational or experimental therapies is therefore unlawful according to 21 U.S.C. subsection 360bbb-3; ‘Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies.’

If your organization is mandating this, it is violating Federal Law and this action will be held accountable.”

The legal template is posted below.  Please cut and paste it into your records and then use it.

Date: April 12, 2021

To:  Whom It May Concern: 

Re:  Covid-19 Experimental Vaccine Candidates 

Any compulsory Covid-19 vaccination requirement is a violation of federal law.  I urge you to advise all students that they have the right to refuse or to take any COVID-19 vaccine. Any other action is contrary to federal law. 

Covid-19 Vaccines are Experimental.

Covid-19 vaccines are not approved by the FDA.  The Covid-19 vaccines are only approved under an Emergency Use Authorization, for investigational use only.[i]  Covid-19 vaccines lack requisite studies and are not approved medical treatment. The FDA’s guidance on emergency use authorization of medical products requires the FDA to “ensure that recipients are informed to the extent practicable given the applicable circumstances … That they have the option to accept or refuse the EUA product …”[ii]

Title 21, Section 360bbb-3 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the “FD&C Act”) vests the Secretary of Health and Human Services with the permissive authority to grant Emergency Use Authorizations (“EUAs”) providing that appropriate conditions designed to ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed: 

1.     that the Secretary has authorized the emergency use of the product; 

2.     of the significant known and potential benefits and risks of such use, and of the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown; and  

3.     of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available and of their benefits and risks. 1  

The right to avoid the imposition of human experimentation is fundamental, rooted in the Nuremberg Code of 1947, has been ratified by the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki, and further codified in the United States Code of Federal Regulations. In addition to the United States regarding itself as bound by these provisions, these principles were adopted by the FDA in its regulations requiring the informed consent of human subjects for medical research. It is unlawful to conduct medical research, even in the case of an emergency, unless steps are taken to secure informed consent of all participants.[iii]

The following Emergency Use Authorizations have been issued for Covid-19 vaccinations: 

12/11/20 Moderna - FDA issued an EUA for emergency use of the Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccine for recipients 16 years of age or older.  

12/18/20 Pfizer/BioNTech - FDA issued an EUA for emergency use of the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine for recipients 18 years of age or older.  

2/27/21 Johnson & Johnson - FDA issued an EUA for emergency use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine (aka Janssen vaccine) for recipients 18 years of age or older. 

Each of the above EUAs was issued in conjunction with a similar Fact Sheet from the FDA. For example, the Janssen fact sheet contains the following notice:  


As the vaccination provider, you must communicate to the recipient or their caregiver, information consistent with the “Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers” (and provide a copy or direct the individual to the website to obtain the Fact Sheet) prior to the individual receiving the Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine, including:  

·                FDA has authorized the emergency use of the Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine, which is not an FDA approved vaccine.  

·                The recipient or their caregiver has the option to accept or refuse the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine. 

·                The significant known and potential risks and benefits of the Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine, and the extent to which such risks and benefits are unknown.[iv]

Clearly, any attempt to force anyone to take a Covid-19 vaccine is a violation of federal law and the conditions under which the Covid-19 vaccine has been authorized for use.  The law is clear, experimental medical treatment cannot be mandated. 

Businesses are not shielded from liability with experimental agents. 

Under the 2005 PREP Act enacted by Congress, pharmaceutical companies that manufacture EUA vaccines are shielded from liability related to injuries and damages caused by their experimental agents.  However, any employer, public school, or any other entity or person who mandates experimental vaccines on any human being is not protected from liability for any resulting harm.  While vaccine manufacturers may be shielded from liability, your institution is not protected, and neither are you.[v]

You are hereby on notice that if you illegally or irresponsibly mandate EUA medical therapies on students, such as the experimental Covid-19 vaccine candidates, I may have no choice but to take legal action, and you may be personally liable for resulting harm.

I urge your institution to comply with the FD&C Act and the terms of the EUA and its accompanying Fact Sheet, and to advise all employees of their right to accept or refuse any Covid-19 vaccine. Any other course of action is contrary to federal law. 

Thank you for your time and for protecting the best interest of your students. 


Sign Name Here




3.     21 CFR § 50.2



Once this is filled in with your personal information, hand this to any school’s administration, school board or place of employment regarding your own rights and that of your children, in particular if you send your children to public, private or charter schools who now (or in the future) may mandate mask-wearing or experimental jabs.  This is a form that needs to be filled out now. Copies need to be made, and people need to use them when questioned by these institutions.  Having these legal forms at the ready, is essential.  As my new saying goes; a fact a day keeps the foolish away.

Not only have some American universities stated that students are not allowed back to their institutions unless they receive the experimental jab (i.e., Cornell University), but they, too, are breaking federal law in doing so.  K12 schools in America won’t be any different.  My prediction, is that American K12 schools may insist, albeit illegally, in particular behind closed doors during the 2021 summer break, that their students and staff members receive the experimental jab in order to return as an employee or as a student.

Legal notice, in writing, is a weapon that any American has at their disposal.  American’s Frontline Doctors also have a section, on the weblink above, that allows you to seek out legal answers if you need more consultation.  They will connect you to a lawyer, free of cost, to answer your questions.

Unfortunately, individual rights are not the only things American citizens are blind to.  Many are also blind to the harmful effects of the experimental jab and what it means for their immune system and that of their children, permanently. Allow me to discuss a few points and provide even more links to share for your referencing purposes.

Given that this experimental jab is not a vaccine, people need to stop saying the word “vaccine.”  A vaccine is a dormant, isolated virus that fits the definition of the virus in question that is seeking to be prevented.  COVID has never been isolated.  Not once.  In fact, a billionaire, who is unnamed, is offering 1.2 million dollars to anyone who can provide an isolated sample of COVID-19.  There have been no takers, because it hasn’t been isolated.  The CDC is even being sued to provide an isolated sample of COVID-19.  The CDC can’t provide an isolated sample either.  The CDC even admits it has never been isolated:

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny spoke to Reinette Senum (in the interview linked below) about the Virus, the experimental jab and its short-term and long-term effects in permanently manipulating one’s RNA and altering ones immune system, permanently.  The likelihood of one getting sick from common illnesses will increase dramatically, which will include a longer infection time and further medical complications.  Side effects have already included; longer menstrual cycles that are more painful, blood clotting, strokes, permanent increased heart rates, headaches, migraines, shingles (a Herpes Virus brought on by a weakened immune system), Bels Palsy, other permenant neurological disorders, and instant death.  


Another takeaway from this magnificent interview and discussion, are the long-term effects that will begin to show themselves to the public, months and years down the line, among those who have taken the experimental jab.  The reproductive organs of those who have taken these experimental jabs are predicted to be ruined in the future when child rearing is desired.  Sperm counts are going to be predictably low, and miscarriages and sterility are also predicted to occur among women. 

The generational impact of a lack of knowledge has stretched its way into the medical profession, as even doctors themselves spend far too much time trusting the voices on their TV’s, than they do actually researching, reading, and doing what they were sworn to do; do no harm.  Even after watching the video link below, many citizens are still desperately seeking out an opportunity to receive the experimental jab from their doctors who are not sharing the adverse effects with their patients.


Adverse reactions are common with all of the experimental jabs as well, and this too is proven:

Masks don’t work and they cause severe harm.  This was proven long before 2020 and the proof is still available today:

The detrimental impact of the experimental jabs and mask-wearing will be written about for decades to come.  Children are already being used by their parents as test subjects to receive the experimental jab in nationwide studies to measure side-effects.  This is occurring after a year of stating that children can’t get COVID-19, while also not spreading it.  However, the evilest of them all are changing the goal posts and parents are still buying the lies.  After all, Charlie Brown still thinks Lucy will hold the football on the ground. 

New York State is offering free marijuana for those who receive the experimental jab.  Gift cars, money, food, and other “benefits” are being used to bribe people to take a destructively manipulative drug. Radio commercials state the following; “Do you want to get back to normal? Do you want to go back to the movies, concerts and large gatherings? The best thing you can do, is to get the vaccination!”  

If something is so effective, why are people being bribed to take it?

Without this knowledge, American K12 schools and university settings will become petri dishes of infection (now in the literal sense), which will include the common cold and all of the other accompanying illnesses.  These future infections will most likely be blamed on “new variants of COVID,” even though there is no such thing as a “new variant of COVID.”  

Fear and lies worked in the past. That’s why it’s called psychological warfare.  Why wouldn’t it be tried again?  

People have been lied to. Own it, realize it, and take back control. Know your God-given rights, and exercise them.

BIO: Sean M. Brooks, Ph.D. is the author of several books including; The Unmasking of American Schools: The Sanctioned Abuse of Americas Teachers and Students, and the host of the podcast American Education FM.