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The American Classroom is a no-nonsense look at the corrupt realities of American education/indoctrination (its inevitable collapse), geopolitics, the criminal medical industry—and how they’re all connected.

Here at The American Classroom I go for the roots of the problem, while leaving the low-hanging fruit for the normies. I provide advice based on decades of experience, so people can think for themselves as individuals. Sophistry won’t fly here either. Medical doctors don’t know what they’re doing, so sophomoric arguments don’t work (“What do you know, you’re not a medical doctor!”). As long as you’re literate and can think for yourself, then you, too, can learn the truth about the world you live in, regardless of the subject.

The battleground is the American mind, and the brainwashing system we call “American education” is collapsing, and thank God for it. We’ve all been manipulated, misled and lied to, since birth. A real classroom must exist anywhere and everywhere, and government should have no part in any real education.

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Insights on everything related to philosophy, corruption, the law, the collapse and the future of American education.


Dr. Brooks is a former public school teacher and Adjunct University Professor of teacher education. Dr. Brooks is the author of several books on corruption within American education. He's the host of the podcast American Education FM.
A 2003 homeschool graduate she worked her way from a printshop laborer to graphic designer. She landed a job at newspaper as designer/reporter, served on a Decision-Making Council at her children's school and is now head of research at a museum.
Instructor at www.mrkscienceacademy.com, a resource for homeschool science. Received a B.S. in Biochemistry at the U of MO. Been teaching for 14 years, written four young adult novels, two children’s books, & two short stories.
Cicily Hellekson, M. Ed., was an elementary school teacher for 8 1/2 years. In 2021 she was fired for not going along with the covid lie. She has been married for almost 10 years and is currently a homemaker and a homeschooling mother of two.