An evidentiary list of the collapse of the education business in America.

February 2023

A current school-board example of education's financial collapse and the unhinged public response.

January 2023

The noise, the obstacles and the conflict that remains.

December 2022

How passing tax levies hides the money, while not passing tax levies exposes it all.
The previous year and the habbenings to come.

November 2022

Our frame of mind, our grasp of the past, and the victory ahead.

October 2022

The flood of child-trafficked illegal aliens into American K12-schools.

September 2022

The social-media hive-mind, the abundance of emotion and the absence of objectivity.

August 2022

The new American school year and the on-going situational collapse.

July 2022

Why institutionalized education's next move, will be their last.

June 2022

How self-betrayal and gatekeeping are common in conflict.

May 2022

The lack of fortitude and the retreat to false comfort.