Some say nattokinase might be useful with this isht. Others, I've heard, try to combine that with detox and a few days' fast. People are inventive and our bodies absolutely rock when given the chance.

I'm a new reader, just stumbled on your substack yesterday and been catching up. Interesting stuff, hat lift, sir. It's sickening what's been done with these shots, but I wouldn't want to add to the distress someone who's taken the jab(s) and later come to their senses must be feeling, not if there's some hope left, or maybe to be found tomorrow. Let's try to add hope when little is left.


Colleague from Santaland

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Thank you for the article. About the Doctors and their questions and response to complaints,..Spot on accurate. It's all I've been hearing around me with our friends and family. With no "fixes" or common sense, just more testing and procedures that don't amount to any meaningful improvement or answers.

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Not about the topics in this article, but please check this out: https://www.bitchute.com/video/1hbdRxBBKmAg/

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